Glass cups of herbal blends

Airmid’s Harvest Herbal Blends

Our products are made with organic herbs. We’re sure you enjoy using our unique herbal blends to create your own salad dressings. Try using them to create marinades, sauces and to flavor soups, stews and rice dishes. Once you try these herbs to create salad dressing, you’ll want to use them for everything. Use your imagination and surprise your taste buds.

Our herbal blends contain 100% organic herbs. Our ingredients have botanical names. Do you remember having to memorize the Latin names for plants in your high school or college botany or ecology classes? They actually come in handy. Sometimes the same plant is known by more than one common name and sometimes a common name can refer to more than one plant. It can get confusing unless you use the Latin name. That’s why my herbal school teacher wanted me to be familiar with the plant’s Latin names.

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